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Carrier Oils

About Natural Carrier Oils from Wellspring Ecologics

Therapists know that when they do Aromatherapy treatments the Carrier Oil they chose are an important part of the mix. That's why Wellspring Ecologics Natural Carrier Oils make such a great choice for all your Carrier Oil needs. These are 100% Pure, Natural  Carrier Oils; luxurious and rich in nutrients. High end Spas seek out these oils to offer their clients the very best; shouldn't you do the same?

If you need a Essential Oil for Aromatherapy, try one of our great
Natural Essential Oils or Essential Oil Blends!

PLUS, learn how to use essential oils by watching our free video!

Unsure which of our Ecologics Pure Oils will work best for you, or do you want to try a variety of oils? Buy one of our discounted 2 oz. Sampler Sets shown below. 

$2.95 Flat Rate Shipping on all our Natural Carrier Oils and Supplies!

With our Flat Rate Shipping Policy you never pay more than $2.95 for shipping, no matter how much of our Natural Carrier Oil and Supplies you buy. Flat Rate Shipping applies for shipping within the continental United States only (usually though the U.S. Postal Service, though we may chose another method). For shipping outside the continental United States please chose another shipping method.